Friday, 15 January 2010

Torture Basement

After lots and lots of work the Torture Basement is finaly finished. Whohu! And we're really happy with the result. You have to wonder around the basement with an uv-flash light to see all the images and read the texts. For museum goudA we were asked to redesign the torture exhibition in their cellar. And so we started to think how to make it more exciting and get kids to read the little signs next to the torture equipment. We've decided to make it an experience put al the information on the floor with UV-paint. In this way you can only see something when you put on the UV-flash light otherwise it is just a white floor. So you really have to go exploring and discover new things.
All the info on the floor is hand drawn, even the text. Illustration was done by Jos Verwer, the typography and design by Trapped in Suburbia. Special thanks to the CabFabLab, for their support.

Hi drinks

From one of our finest clients we got a really cool mini cocktail bar to start of the new year. And of course we had to try ALL the drinks! :)

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Friday the 11th of december we have a new exhibition in our gallery!! And it's of the modest legends Bode, Botlek and Erosie. Here is a quick sneak preview. The opening starts around 17:30 till 23:00 and if you can't make it, the exhibition stays untill the 29th of january.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Love Life!

The Love Life festival was organized to create safe sex awareness amongst the younger inhabitants of the Hague. The campaign consist of a strong visual identity in which the heart play the most important role.
Added to the visual identity we used a lot of edgy and funny short copy, to trigger people to think, to smile, to provoke. A different and new approach to bring the message of safe sex, because scaring people just doesn't work. So why not try it with a little humor? For the Love Life Festival we came up with a plan, a tight design and edgy short copy. A tram that says 'Take me, take now!', toilet stickers that say 'Make me wet', crew shirts that say '(s)crew' or for the bar crew 'I can make you come twice'. More images soon in our portfolio!
If you're curiuos than check out the free 'One Night Stand Up Comedy' on thursday 26nd of nov or 'I'm gonna make you sweat' dance event on the 28th in the City Hall of the Hague.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Tuxedo Cool!!!

Our biggest fan from L.A., Brian Wells send us the coolest t-shirts ever! Brian has a clothing compagny 'Tuxedo Cool' and off course we are now his biggest fan also. :)
He has a complete range of handmade/printed shirts, sweaters, bags, posters etc. And they are very cool, very L.A., very nice and they won't hurt your wallet.
So check out his site and check out the new designs!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What have we been up to this summer !?!

Well, we've tried to get as much sunlight as we can, went a couple of times to the beach and we had the artist Bobby Pola over to the Sihp of Fools art gallery make a huge panels for Merge Media.
Bobby had some help of his friend Eidman and they were very nice guests to have arround! Altought Bobby let us down with table soccer! ;)

Rooms of Red Bull

As we've told you earlier, the expo of Erwin van Amstel also went on to the Rooms of Red Bull in A'dam, here are some pics to prove it.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


As of today we have our very own litlle webshop! There you can purchase the 'Play More' notebook and some of our other books. Check it out via the link in the right menu at the Trapped in Suburbia website.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

"You give me fever"

We've had an opening of 'YOU GIVE ME FEVER' on the 4th of june with the great photo's of Erwin van Amstel and unfortunately we haven't had the time yet to write about it! Erwin is a photographer who was in Mexico during the swine flu breakout. While the city was in panic, he stayed calm and took out his camera. At the exhibition you can see this result of a mega city in fear. Here are some pics and if you can make time, come round for a drink and check out the photo's. Or, you can also check the expo out at the Rooms of Red Bull from 5th of july till 19th. Yes, the Ship of Fools is docking at the Red Light District in Amsterdam!
Finisagge at the Ship of Fools, the Hague 1st july 17:00
Vernissage at the Rooms of Red Bull 5th of july (check their site for more info)

Monday, 18 May 2009

We've won silver!

With one of our most dedicated clients we've won the silver award for 'Company Implementation' during the European Design Awards. Coos! is our hero!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Time to show-off the gallery and studio

And now... for those of you who haven't seen the new studio and art gallery in the flesh. Here are some pics, we've worked really hard to get things done and we are kinda proud! ;)

Doing the Amsterdam tour

Today we went to Amsterdam to do a little gallery tour. We planned to visit 'Prints and the revolution', Maxalot, Street lab and Ultra de la Rue exhibition. Unfortunately Maxalot was in between shows, so nothing to see there. 'Prints' was really nice, go to the Nes if you have the chance, they are only open for two weeks. Ultra de la Rue was nice, great space, big pieces. Not everything was exciting, but lots to see. Street lab was more of the same, :( but maybe because we went last to this expo. On our way trough Amsterdam we also passed by W139, that was a surprise! Great space (We haven't been in a long time) and the exhibition design was really good, fresh and new.
So enough with the words, here are some pics.


Prints and the Revolution

Ultra de la Rue exhibition